We definitely understand rates are important @Fgreogry and appreciate your 56 years of membership and loyalty. I will be more than glad to forward your concerns to this area on your behalf. ~ Joseph

Canceled USAA auto insurance today after 56 years.  A sad, sad day!  

I received another insurance increase of approx, $100 every 6 months and I cancelled USAA after getting a half price quote for the same insurance from the lizard.USAA $850 GEICO Less than $400 same coverage 

I then received a reason for the increase according to LexisNexis:

Number of Accounts that have been Established
Number of Open Retail Accounts
Number of Accounts Always Paid as Agreed
Number of Auto Finance Accounts Establish

This scared me so I just checked my credit reports:


Your credit's in excellent shape
Transunion 813 Excellent

You have a stellar payment history!

A 100% on-time payment history is a good sign for lenders that you can reliably make payments.

Your credit card balances are in a healthy rangeDerogatory marks

  • 0Collections
  • 0Public Record
There's a solid number of accounts on your report
Hard inquiries


I have an over 800 credit score and have not had a late payment on anything for over 5 years. I have one car financed. I have a lot of unused credit cards and one I pay off evey month. I have a few retail accounts.  No speeding ticket since 1989 and only claim of mine in 20 years is hail damage.

@HawlyWuud, I appreciate you taking time to provide your thoughts. Please see my response to your additional post. Thank you. -Paula

Couldn’t agree more, switched to a traveling insurance company a year ago and saved $250 , this year I compared rates and now USAA is $400 higher and for less coverage! It’s not true when their ads say that it’s “ superior” customer service and price. Don’t be fooled.

@proud 7th cav vet, its sad to hear we no longer hold your your insurance, however, I do understand the importance of saving money. We appreciate the opportunity you've given us to provide you a quote to compare. Please know we periodically review our rates in an effort to remain competitive and we hope to win your business back in the near future. I'm happy to review your quote and address any questions you may have. -Cynthia

USAA will never be competitive until Stuart Parker is no longer running USAA and USAA does a major course change.  Until this is done, reviewing the rates will result in nothing.  Best for everyone to shop around. 

You’ve been “reviewing” your rates for as long as I can remember, maybe you should take action instead of “reviewing”. Been a member for 30+yrs, what a sorry state of affairs.

I left USAA 2 years ago due to overcharging on our two vehicle premiums.  I regret having to do this, however;  I couldn't

continue leaving $218.00 on the table every 6 months.  

I liked doing busines with USAA because it's a reputable organization with honest people and their agents aren't on commissions but are straight salaried.  I keep hoping that they will "get on board" with the other NC companies her in 

the tar heel state.  I don't understand why they aren't more competitive with their insurance coverage.  

Incidentally, my wife and I have clean driving records with no accidents or citations.



@crackerman, thank you for your membership and sharing your experience with us this morning.  I am saddened to hear that we lost you to a competitor with your insurance needs, USAA isn't always the cheapest in certain areas.  So I understand your reasons for leaving, however, please don't hesitate reaching back out to us if you ever have questions or concerns about your current coverage.  I do hope we are able to win back your support and take care of your insurance needs down the road.  Have a great and prosperous 2020.  ~ Marco