What you have experienced is the "Stuart Parker Effect".  Stuart Parker needs to resign.

Don't bother asking for a quote by using the chat or online. Tried both. The chat person said that even though my cars were both insured under usaa until we deployed overseas, they didn't have the information to give a quote, and I had to call them back.  NO. I'm calling Geico and Prog-ressive (maybe others) for the best CUSTOMER SERVICE and rates. I offered to the usaa chat person that if they want to be considered, then they need to call ME, not the other way around.


Been with USAA 40 years. Back then it meant something. Today if I mention usaa on a base, everyone chimes in to change to anyone else. usaa has become a high priced, leader in poor customer service.

I cancelled mine too and cut my premiums for home and auto both in half with the other company.  I agree, USAA charges waaaaaayyyyyy too much!  It pays to shop around.  Also, make sure that you and your other airmen get back their subscriber's account balances.  I was told I have to wait six months to get my return of premium.  I don't think its right for USAA to hold onto it's member's money for that length of time after they've cancelled their plans, but I will make sure that they do give my money back to me.

Hi MountainFlower, We have received your other post as well and we will be escalating your concerns for review. We are always open to any and all feedback, thank you for sharing.

Just had the most frustrating experience.  My son just got his license, but for personal reasons, he is not driving.  That means he is NOT driving at all, ever, anywhere, any car. 


USAA just informed me that because he has a license, he must be insured.  The rep I spoke with (Scott) claims there is a policy that I agreed to when my policy was first issued (over 30 years ago), but could not produce it nor could he confirm it even existed.  He almost when to the point of calling me a liar in saying I wanted to avoid insurance to save $. 


I can't tell you how high my blood pressure went up arguing that I shouldn't be paying for something I'm not using.  If my son were driving, of course I would pay the (sky high) rates USAA charges, but it is absolutely insane to charge me for something that I am not using, and cannot use.


I think I wil be shopping around soon myself.  Just had to vent...

I have worked for 2 insurance companies in my working career (USAA was not one of them).  In both instances, if there was a license driver in the house, they were rated on a vehicle whether they drove or not.  It really hurt those who had high performance cars with a 16 year old male in the house.  I suggested they go buy a $400 clunker that maybe doesn't even run and let the insurance company rate him/her on that vehicle.  That works if you have newer cars or more expensive cars.


Generally, the policy of both companies was you rate the highest risk driver on the highest cost vehicle unless there is a vehicle for each driver.  Then you can rate the high risk driver on a specific vehicle.  But my understanding is that some carriers still put the highest risk driver on the most expensive auto.

Escalating your concerns, I.e. passing the buck
I agree with you. I just priced the same coverage for 2 cars and renters insurance and found that USAA is almost 1.5-2x the cost of the other companies (an extra $1300 a year). I'm going to call and have USAA check the price of my policies and all discounts one more time before switching. I can understand paying a bit more because I've been with them so long but not paying double the price if competitors. I feel cheated for my 17 years of continuous coverage with USAA. It's like I'm paying extra all these years because I didn't switch from them a long time ago.

Next up is finding a new home for my checking and savings account since I find 0.2% insulting. After that I'll move all the rest of my investments from them.

@Pombe, I am sad to hear that you are wanting to move your insurance needs somewhere else.  I certainly understand you reasons for wanting to shop around, our member's want high quality insurance at a competitive rate.   Reviewing your coverage with us is right step to take before making any decisions and I'd like the opportunity to help answer any additional questions by sending me a Private Message to help review and address any concerns.  Thank you for your membership and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  ~ Marco

Marco...member for 56 years and blindly used USAA for all of my insurance because of a known and respected community, excellent reputation and competative prices.  Boy was I wrong.  I just looked at my bill for my two cars in effect for the next 6 months.  Shocking.  I called your agent...actually two of them and a supervisor...and the conversation was from them how reputable USAA was and that what I paid was well worth it.  Sounds like your jabber!  Bottom line: 6 months from USAA, $1,266.52; 1 year, same coverage, for GEICO $1,378 and for Erie (another highly ranked auto and home insurer, $1,234.  Let's see, for a year, USAA $2,533.04, GEICO $1,378, Erie $1,234.  OMG. what am I missing?  Oh yeah, it's military only, but wait, that's not true anymore!  You need to fire your underwriters and challenge the leadersip that led you down this rabbit hole!