I have had USAA for 18 years and tomorrow I will be leaving as I will be saving $600 every 6 months with a top 4 insurance provider with same or better coverage options and lower deductibles. It is a sad day when I have to leave but my business isn’t for life because you made a commercial to convince to not look elsewhere. I also had 30 airman at my base do the same and they all save $100-$700 every six months. Unfortunately it looks like USAA is now taking advantage of military members. I will be forwarding this other veteran organizations, and my military affiliations to inform members they maybe being fleeced by USAA. This is shameful!

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Hello sir, I am a insurqnce broker that sells many types of insurance and have had USAA for 3 years now. Please understand that USAA rates are based on the zipcode you live in, vehicle & home type, drivers, your CREDIT and any claims. If you're saving elsewhere then, that's great. You should be shopping your insurance every 2 to 3 years to find the best price for you. It's a lot of work and a pain in the butt. Just pay attention to your limits and learn what they're for and what they cover so you're not under insured. They're not scamming members, this is a business and it has a system of acceptable risks and you pay for that risk. You could say the same darn thing about any company out there. Insurance is increasing and changing! Good luck to you and thank you for serving!

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@Tim336, I'm sorry to read about your experience with USAA. I have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area for review. Thank you. ~Danielle


 I don't know why your sorry, USAA knows exactly what they are doing, not only with vehicle insurance but homeowners insurance as well. More about profit, it all boils down to MONEY. It's pretty sad when USAA is suppose to be about military members, but we can go elsewhere and get better coverage for far less premiums.

I left USAA after insuring my vehicles with them for over 10 years,  for the same reason.

I too been with USAA for many years.  Which company did you switch over to?

Trav-elers for home, Ge-ico for auto, and pro-gressive for watercraft

For your water craft, join Boat US (around $10/year) and purchase the insurance thru them.  It will be significantly less than what you are paying now.  It was for me and I had the same company as you do.

By separating your policies you're missing out on many discounts! Bundle them together! Good luck! I am a broker for a different company and a member
Same. My new coverage starts today. Higher liabilities, lower deductibles, 400 less than USAA, per 6 months.

What you are experiencing is USAA under Stuart Parker's leadership.  I left USAA after 40 years for a substantial savings and way better customer service.  Although it appears that employees of USAA are reading all of the negative posts, it appears to have no impact.  USAA is NOT the company they once were.