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After 7 years, I finally made the difficult decision to make a change from USAA to GEICO auto insurance. There is no question, I save $70 per month for the same coverage. Additionally, they provide incentives for Veterans and Government state employees. USAA, I'm hopeful that you will leave the door open for me and other Veterans to come back if/when you decide to establish better rates for Veterans and those who serve in the public sector. 





@VeteranSingleParent, While I am saddened to read that we are not your current provider of choice, I am happy that you were able to save some money on your monthly premium. Your feedback is important to us and I will make sure it is routed to the appropriate area. I hope you will consider re-quoting your insurance policies with us again in the future. In the meantime, there are many other ways your USAA membership can benefit you, many free, over 150+ products and services are available to our members. They can be found on Have a nice evening, Mike!  ~Danielle

Thank you very much for your response. The following is an update after my post.


After contacting USAA to cancel, I was transferred to a USAA senior specialist representative who was most informative than other specialists I've contacted throughout the years. In the end, USAA was able to meet my needs and consider life circumstances that I don't believe other insurance companies were/are able to consider.  With this in mind, I contacted GEICO and let them know that I've decided to stay with USAA. 


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That will never happen under Stuart Parker's leadership.  The old USAA is gone.

I recently began driving for Uber and Lyft. USAA doesn't offer coverage for this activity in Virginia. While researching other insurers, I discovered that GEICO seems to be cheaper for the same coverage, a lot cheaper. I will have to crunch the numbers and factor the end-of-year premium refund and disbursement form the SSA. It does look like the same coverage for auto would be about 105/mo less than USAA.  The homeowner's insurance has surged in recent years. I suspect I know how that wil l compare also.  So sad to experience the direction of USAA in recent years. The insurance premiums are only one part of my increasing personal dissatification. I have spoken with many other members who feel them same.

This is not the experience nor service we want for any of our members. We are always open to any and all feedback. We are also more than happy to assist you with any policy reviews, competitor quotes as well as address any customer service issues. We offer an online option via our click to chat channel, please go to the insurance page > reach a representative or if you prefer, a representative can be reached by phone at 1-800-531-8722 (USAA) or #8722 (USAA) from a cell phone. -Nick

USAA is just not the company they once were.  USAA is no longer a value.  You will do better elsewhere and experience better customer service.  This has all happened under Stuart Parker's leadership.  He needs to resign immediately.  Over these many weeks, I have requested that a member of top management contact me, yet I never hear from them.  I guess they are not interested in knowing why a 40 year member left USAA.  They will continue to run their misleading commericals while continuously increasing your rates and degrading the customer service.  What an utter shame.

I shop around for car insurance about once a year or so. USAA has never never beat our current provider’s rates. Whatever, if they don’t want my business, my feelings aren’t hurt.