My auto insurance rate has increased approximately $100 a  month over the last year.  No claims, no change in autos, drivers, or coverage.  Miles driven down about 80%.  Appreciate the "give back" but not impressed with USAA tactics.


Hi 68WANAB. I want to start off by thanking you for your membership. I understand that rates are very important and we are always working to improve them, Have you had the opportunity to review your policy with an insurance specialist to see why your policy has increased? -Nick

Mine also went up around $100. No reason why, I've only had the policy less then 6 months. Also, when the shelter in place took effect there was a credit on my auto policy. I called customer service and asked when I would be receiving those funds. I was told I couldn't get the money and that it would be applied to my policy when it came time to renew. Guess what? They sent a check out on 7/31/20. Haven't received it yet, but hopefully soon. And before USAA replies . . . I've called Customer Service many, many times. I get a different answer every time! 

@JEFRGUSS, I'm sorry to hear you have received different answers. I want to ensure we have the opportunity to take a look and address your concerns. I have escalated your concerns further and once reviewed someone will reach out to you to discuss in more detail and provide some answers for you. Thank you! -Cynthia