USAA sold its support to a third party provider, WHO IS BUNGLING AND INEPT

Twice I have had the misfortune of needing a tow, and a rental car. both times I called the USAA number, only to brushed off to a phone App., and then sent to a third party company..... WHO ASKED ALL THE SAME information from the phone app! Thia IS NOT WHAT I PAY USAA FOR!. Then the third party didn't give me a way to recontact them, so I called USAA, and fought the menus until I got a USAA perso on the phone.... This USAA person said "I dont see a claim filed"!!! What has happened to USAA? This is ridiculous! I was left stranded on the side of the road for two hours before an UBER came and dropped me at ENterprise. At Enterprise I had to rent my own car, because the thrid party company that USAA is using... still never filed a claim.  WHY am I paying USAA?


I'm sorry hear you've had frustrating experiences with using roadside assistance. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be forwarded to the appropriate team. Hearing directly from our members is how we make the necessary changes to improve our service. As of right now, has everything been taken care of regarding your tow? ~Crystal   

I have multiple, identical experiences with USAA's outsourced road service.  At the risk of sounding like a grumpy crank here are the problems


- Almost impossible to reach a real human who might have the clarity of mind to dispatch help correctly.

- Byzantine, repetitive requirements to login, provide credentials, wait for a text, click link, open a web page, etc. etc. etc. 

- When stranded on the side of a wind swept, cold, noisy highway, having a long, drawn out set of web options, requests to download a !@#$ app, wait on hold, then get disconnected multiple times is DEEPLY FRUSTRATING.  

- I called USAA directly and pleaded to be patched through to an intelligent human, and they obliged (Thanks so much). But the roadside service company person could not cope with the idea of a vehicle not located at a specific address/business (I was on the side of a road in a rural public park).  All the person could do was fumble through a Google search for where I might be.  It was a sketch from SNL, except NOT FUNNY.  (A local tow company would know exactly where to go.  So why not do something really novel and brilliant like call them up to dispatch help!--like USAA used to when the service was in house)


USAA --PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fire the third-party roadside service company, which is utterly incompetent.  If the above reasons are not clear enough perhaps ponder the possible legal damages that could result from future botched/failed roadside rescues.  


Thank you for all your other very high qualities services!  

Thank you so much for reaching out to and bringing these issues to our attention. I will be sure to send this feedback through to the appropriate team. Our priority is always our quality of service for our members so we appreciate you sharing this opportunity to improve with us. We thank you for your membership and support. - Heather