I applied & was approved for a car loan through USAA. The online process is easy and that's great.

I picked out my car and decided to see what the dealership could offer for financing. They offered a better interest rate than USAA. I called USAA and asked them if they would beat the dealer's offer. 

The USAA customer service representative didn't know if the rate could even be changed or how it would be done. She had to put me on hold to ask something she should already know. She returned and recited the various ways we could proceed. She said USAA would not beat the rate but would only match it. She could only repeat that...she had no other knowledge. It was so obvious that she had no real understanding of the process and that she really did not care one bit...she was just blankly repeating whatever she had been told. I was just a difficulty for her to get past. 

I have been through this process before with USAA for a previous purchase so I know it's possible for them to beat a rate offered by the dealer as that is exactly what they did the last time I purchased a vehicle. 

I really expect the best rate from USAA for their members from the beginning but if not then I definitely expect them to beat a rate offered by the dealer. 

I actually went with the dealer because at least they offered me a lower rate. USAA didn't even have an interest in doing that. If you told me I would do that even just a few years ago, I would have said you were crazy.

I do not blame that customer representative at all. Management is at fault. USAA is clearly not hiring and training at the level they previously did. Customer service is not the priority it once was for them. I can remember when you immediately got a real person on the phone when calling USAA. Now it is convoluted voice prompts just like any other company.

I know that USAA is still a good organization in comparison to many others. But it is no longer truly great.

I have been with USAA for over 17 years. It is instances like the above and others over the past few years that have made me less satisfied with USAA. I think it will take more to push me over the edge into leaving but it is adding up.

Nothing lasts forever and other companies are out there...working on their personalized customer service and satisfaction and just waiting to snap up disenchanted USAA members...excuse me, former members. I hope USAA takes a good, hard look at itself and chooses a better path.


I agree, after membership of 40 years it has definitely gone down hill.


We have escalated your situation and would like a specialist from the loan department to get in touch with you to gather further details about how we failed you as a 17 year member. Please message us here, at your convenience, and include the best way to contact you. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We look forward to hearing from you.