I am have some serious issues with getting any support from USAA for my insurance policy. Also a recent block was put on my USAA credit card. I called. They don’t know why the block and lifted it.
I can not get any Massachusetts RMV specific forms stamped and returned to me.
My truck insurance was downgraded from full coverage to limited coverage without telling me. The truck was purchased brand new. I spent 45 minutes and Beth found everything they need and corrected it. What if I was in an accident? I recently tried to insure a brand new RV. Spent 35 minutes on the phone. Every thing was all set. The dealer called to give them info. A rude man from Texas called me. Did not explain why he would not accept dealer ms paperwork. Never asked if o had time for him to contact a Ma rep. So that I could re-start the process. After 15 minutes on hold I hung up and called my old insurance company. I am done with USAA!


@11B5z- Hi, I can certainly understand the frustration, this is not the experience we want our members to have. I am going to share this post thread for additional review and assistance. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. ~Shawna

The really sad thing is that USAA had so far to fall. I can recall even a few years ago proudly telling people I was part of USAA- their integrity, honor, and service were beyond reproach. To go from that high level to essentially nothing more than a shady on-line used autoparts dealer was both impressive and unfortunate. I divested from as much as USAA as I could (there are some accounts I still need), and switched my insurance over to GEICO last September- NO REGRETS!

Could not agree more. I've also divested my finances from usaa, almost 100%. Insurance is next.


The replies by usaa are worthless. Do not expect any real action or resolution.

Look at what they did to this poor lady that was charged $5705.70 (rather than $5.70) for a cup of coffee at a hotel.   What should have been a 2 minute fix, took weeks and a TV station investigative reporter. 



I myself had to use the CFPB as USAA was recalcitrant fixing an error they made. 


Just so sad, it was the best place for insurance and banking at one time. 


Wow 727, this story is amazing, and truly points out how far they've fallen. This type of problem used to be handled easily at the first point of contact with USAA. Five or so years ago, the customer rep would have listened to this person, checked their history, and made the correction, probably while still on the phone with the person having the problem. She certainly would have been contacted within hours with a resolution.

This is organizational decline and truly it's time to start looking even beyond the non-military CEO, and start asking what the board of directors is doing. Perhaps the expanded clientele has skewed the way USAA is acting and pricing product, I don't know. What I do know is we want our company back.

As a member for 54 years I've seen a lot of changes.  But what I believe is happening to USAA and many other US and international corporations is their incessant convergence toward proclaiming allegiance to "diversity, inclusiveness, sustainability, equality . . . etc.  Note USAA's December 2020 announcement for a $50 million three-year committment to "Advance Racial Equality" (SEE:  https://communities.usaa.com/t5/Press-Releases/USAA-Announces-3-Year-50-Million-Commitment-to-Advanc...).


And prior to that USAA and the USAA Foundation committed $40 million in 2020 for community food insecurity, to advance research re: Covid treatments, and to aid the digital divide for low income communities.  So our company now has a  "CEO Diversity and Inclusion Council" led by its CEO.

(SEE: https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/about_usaa_corporate_diversity_main?SearchRanking=1&SearchLinkPhrase=Di...).


All the above is just wonderful and nice, but it has nothing to do with USAA providing the best insurance services to its members.  Period.  By previously doing just that (as they used to do in the earlier days) they did more to help advance all the so-called social goals they now asiduously proclaim by giving away USAA resources and forming some diversity councils.  It's all just virual signaling and nothing more.  


USAA is already diverse and inclusive by virtue of its primarily military oriented membership.  To join the chic world of announcing corporate responsibility goals demanded by the seemingly unlimited number of groups calling for some sort of equality is to abbrogate the one and only goal of any responsible organization devoted to providing the best possible insurance services to its members.  


I'm so disappointed that the USAA boards have falllen into the trap of social engineering.  So I too am thinking of leaving this previously august company for something better, if indeed one exists.  So many companies have joined this absurd movement to look good in the world of grievance mongers that they have reduced their focus, and therefore their success, at providing what they were originally organized to do.  It's clear USAA has peaked and is failing, which is just a shame given how great they used to be and could still have been.


Art Hyland