USAA's COVID-19 Response is a Rounding Error on Their Profits

20% credit on two months of premiums?  I am so glad to see USAA is still managing to fall short of the already low expectations of its poorly served customers.  Sure great to see a company like USAA is still doing it very best to turn a sizeable profit at our expense during this time of crisis.  "Never let a good crisis go to waste" pundits have quoted politicians.  That should be the new USAA motto.

N-F-C-U!  N-F-C-U!


I am elated and pleased with all USAA efforts.  They have always been there for me in every circumstance.  I totally disagree with such an unpleasant post.  Tell me how wonderful other insurance providers are doing?

Hi, @LeeRonkMason! Thank you for your loyal membership and trust. We are glad to read you are pleased with our efforts. Stay safe and healthy out there! :) ~ Steven