USAA refuses to pay rental car fees. yes, I have rental car coverage.

Norman Finkwyler

This has been a very difficult process with USAA. Rather than getting into earlier details which did not meet my satisfaction, I will skip to the main issue.

My daughter's car was involved in an accident. We have rental car coverage. We got a rental car while the main auto was being fixed at the body shop. Check with past weather for Friday, 12JAN through Sunday, 14JAN. Our city experienced a MAJOR ice storm, which closed all schools and most businesses during that time.

The body shop delivered the car to our residence (we did not get out to retreieve it) on Friday, 12 JAN.

Due to the inclement weather, we did not return the car on Friday, 12JAN or on Sat, 13JAN as it would have been FOOLISH to drive the car back to the rental car facility due to the road conditions. On Sun, 14JAN, we were finally comfortable enough to drive the rental car back to the facility to return it. Now, USAA states they will not pay for the "2 extra days" the rental car was in our posession after our main auto was delivered to us on Frida, 12JAN. Ridiculous.


Good chilly morning Norman. Like you our city is experiencing an ice storm today.  I can understand your rationale in being safe than sorry and taking the rental vehicle back on time.  I have located your claim file and have submitted it to a manager for additional review.  Our offices are closed today due to the ice storm, so you can expect a callback on the matter tomorrow.