USAA provided lowest rate and made it happen with ease.

Brief overview of our situation when applying to USAA for a used auto loan.  I'm currently in nursing school full time and my wife is the one with full-time employment as a RN.  We have a mortgage, no car payments besides the one we are applying for, no credit card debt and both have credit scores close to 800.  Applied for loan on USAA website, but seeing I had to put unemployed student I was unable to get a instant answer.  After a followup call and further clarification I was approved for 2.25% for 36 months.  (2.75 minus 0.5) for finding  the auto through their car finding service.  The Mini dealer I was working with was willing to match the 2.25 rate solely off our credit scores with one of their local banks, and Navy Federal was offering me 2.59%.  Seeing I have everything else with USAA and have never been disappointed I chose them for the loan.  Thank You USAA for taking into account my entire situation and providing me a great rate.  


Thank you! We are so glad you were happy with our Auto Loan and other services! It is our pleasure and privilege to be of service to you!

Thanks for completing a indepth review of the process, comparison of other lenders and your decision. Congrats!