USAA poor customer service, won't pay claim in full - glass coverage is a joke


Beware! USAA service has gone downhill, and they will make up excuses to not pay your claims! Do not sign up for USAA insurance!


I had my windshield replaced at the car dealership where I bought my car - which is where I get all of my car repairs completed and paid almost $2200. USAA reimbursed me only $256. When I call in, I get rude employees who offer no assistance and say there are never any managers available to speak to. I've asked for a call back twice over the phone, and online as well and I have gotten zero response from USAA. This is absolutely unacceptable. After this experience, I am seriously considering cancelling all of my USAA business.


Here's the story:

A rock hit my windshield while driving on the interstate. I opened a glass claim with USAA/safelite and went to get it repaired at safelite. They said the crack was too big (even though it was not the size of a dollar bill like the claim form suggested) and that I would need to replace the entire windshield. They had no availability to repair the windshield - the next appointment was not available for over a week. The technician was also not sure what kind of glass to order based on the features of my car. This did not build my confidence in safelite as the right place to get my car repaired.

As USAA provided the mandatory notices that I have the right to get my car repaired wherever I preferred, and I would have to pay my deductible with Safelight, I decided to get my car repaired at the car dealer that does all of my regular repair work. I have used them in the past with a USAA claim and the work was paid for in full. I called USAA to confirm that they would still reimburse me for the work if it was not done through safelight and they confirmed it would be covered. I told them the name of the dealer and they updated the claim in their system. There was ask for quotes or warning from USAA that my claim would not be covered in full.


The repairs ended up being just under $2200. I paid out of pocket as USAA informed me to do so, with the understanding I would be reimbursed by USAA. When the claims examiner reviewed my claim they said the dealer marked up the cost of the glass, sound insulation, kit, cover and seal. I don't understand how I as the customer am supposed to know how much USAA will pay for these parts. I figured it was reasonable to expect that USAA would cover the OEM parts from the dealership as they had with previous claims.


They also said that they would only approve $40 an hour for labor which was well under the charge billed by my dealer. Out of the $1189 charged by the dealer, only $200 was covered by USAA. I live in San Francisco which is one of the most expensive cities in the US, and skilled labor is not cheap. I think it is unreasonable for USAA to only cover $40 an hour. It is obscene that USAA will only cover 16% of the labor costs I incurred with this repair.

I tried reaching my claim examiner multiple times but she is never available. I tried talking to the representatives and they were unwilling to help and stuck to the script that USAA is not willing to help me out. I asked to speak to managers on two occasions and was told they were busy. I never got a return phone call from a manager even though I asked for it.


After my last call, I immediately got a note from USAA that they were going to send me the $256 reimbursement. I requested a call back on the mobile app messaging, and have gotten no response.


I'm not sure what's happened to USAA but this is not the kind of service I am used to getting from the company. I am disappointed to be treated so poorly as a customer. I am highly considering cancelling my insurance policy after this experience and taking my business elsewhere.



@ dhca, 

This is certainly not the experience we want you to have when you file a claim with us.  I'd like to have your concerns with your glass claim reviewed further.  I have escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.  Please allow 2-3 business days for contact.   Thanks~Mike