USAA needs to fix their definition of "urgent"

On Monday April 18th I purchased a new car with financing approved through USAA. I provided the dealer with the funding request as directed by USAA. On the following SATURDAY April 23rd I get a missed call and an email from USAA telling me that my "immediate attention is required for an URGENT issue" relating to my auto loan.

It's Saturday and I'm trying to enjoy lunch with my girlfriend but owing to the word "URGENT" I excuse myself to call USAA. After spending about 30 minutes essentially on hold while the representative intermittently mumbles some form of "uhhhh," "no that's not it..." "not sure what they are talking about" "that looks good" etc he finally tells me that "it looks like they are saying we still haven't received the bill of sale from the dealer. To which my response is "ok, have you called the dealer to let them know?" He says "no we haven't, let me call them now and keep you on hold in case we need to patch you in please."

I hold.
He comes back on the line: "they didn't pick up. can you call them on Monday to check on it?"
Me: "Did you leave them a message?"
Him: "No."

I have two suggestions for USAA. Hopefully they're not too radical.

1.) USAA not having received the bill of sale from the dealership a few days after sale is not a "send urgent calls and emails to our customer on a Saturday" issue. It's a "USAA pick up the phone and call the dealership" issue.
2.) While I certainly understand that a support rep always needs some time to look into your account to see what's going on, if USAA is going to be sending "URGENT" emails and calls to a customer on Saturday then they should probably put clear enough notes in their internal system that it doesn't take a support rep 30 minutes just to find out what the supposed problem is when the customer calls in. Otherwise you are hanging your own employees out to dry AND WASTING YOUR CUSTOMERS' TIME.

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Hi there Crimzin! I'm so sorry that the urgent message disturbed your Saturday and that caused you to call USAA. I certainly understand your concern with the "urgent" request you received. We continually look for ways to improve our products and services so they are of the highest quality for our members. Rest assured, I have shared your feedback regarding your experience, and hope that this will create a better process in the future. Thank you for your time, and thank you for choosing USAA for your financial needs.