USAA must immediately end its relationship with TrueCar and figure out another way to serve its customers with the best auto financing service

If USAA wants to increase its auto financing business and help its customers find the cars they want at prices they will pay, then USAA must immediately end your relationship with TrueCar and the misleading "Car Buying Service" product and come up with something that actually helps, instead of misleads, its customers.  There is no grey area here, USAA is misleading its own customers by standing behind this product. 


I have use it a couple times with no problems.  Just what is your issue?


I am glad to hear you have been pleased with the car buying service! And I appreciate all of your comments as of late! :)

Hi Bluefoot,

We would like to hear more about what happened with your experience with TrueCar, If you could email us details (along with your member number) to [expired email], we can get someone in touch to discuss the issues in detail and try to find a resolution. Thank you.

True car was a fantastic tool to help me find a fair price for my last car. I consider myself to be a thorough researcher, so I also used KBB,, autotrader, carmax, and looled at all dealers within my tri-state area to do a comparison. After all of that, I was still able to get $750 knocked off of the best price/best value car, with all options being considered equally among my research. True Car was spot on for what all of the rest of the individual sites had. They just have it all in one spot.

Dear 1 nadia!,


Thank you for sharing your positive expereince!