Same thing here. So very sad that I’m going to have to leave you USAA. I wonder how many complaints and/or lost members it will take for you to clean house. Hope it happens before you go under. Dealer was 0.54% lower so I confusingly called USAA back. I have an 819 credit score. Initially they told me that it’s essentially just a numbers thing based on credit worthiness and they had strict rules and guidelines to follow... Fair enough. But then, magically they countered with a rate that was 0.02% higher!? They just told me it wasn’t subjective?? Then they followed that with “it’s only a few dollars a month difference and wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with USAA being the loan holder?” To which I replied no and went with the dealership. I then sent USAA a message about it telling them it was very concerning to me and that I hoped the rest of USAA wasn’t swirling down the drain like USAA home mortgage did. So that just tells me I am likely paying too much for other services when they are no longer “qualifying” for a premium price.


Wow only a half point! They quoted me 2% more on both my wife’s refinance and then on my new car.