Premiums have skyrocketed and yet everyone says there's 'nothing they can do' as if USAA doesn't have control over their prices. 'Policy' only applies when they're screwing you over, otherwise they could care less about it. Awful customer service, excessive hold times (40+ minutes!) because they want you to hang up so you can't take their survey and give them negative reviews, and if you refuse to hang up they transfer you back into the queue. Good luck ever getting to talk to an actual manager with USAA, because they supposedly don't exist, and if you insist on speaking to one they'll get you someone and lie about who they are. (Looking at you, Daniel, employee ID: H6441) USAA has made dealing with their auto insurance complete agony from day one, and yet you want to charge these outrageous premiums? Absolutely insane. It's no wonder people who have been with USAA 10,20,30+ years are all saying they don't trust the company anymore, because in just the 6 years I've been a member the level of dishonesty, manipulation, and greed has been astounding. Absolutely disgusting.


I am sorry to hear of your experience @U$AAisGarbage and have forwarded your concerns with your account to a representative for review. While I can't provide a specific time they will contact you we appreciate your patience and this area will be reaching out to you. ~ Joseph 

I agree with your post and concerns.  It will be one month tomorrow since my total loss claim was started.  Not only do I feel I was short changed in my settlement but the level of disrespect from the total loss representatives was very provoking.  I'm also fighting for them to reimburse me for the sales tax and title fees in my state which they are legally responsible for.  I've been with USAA for over 11 years now, hold numberous accounts including homeowners insurace, HELOC's, rental property insurance, checking and other products, but i think this is the end of our relationship.  


Afterall the only thing USAA is good for anymore is reimbursing atm fees. 


U.S.BANK has treated me well, very respectful and courteous to my business interests while helping me to grow my businesses.  I would recommend my family to see what they have to offer.  More importantly I would recommend U.S.BANK to any of us wishing to transition from USAA. 


It's sad to see that customer service and customer loyalty mean nothing to USAA