I have been fighting with USAA since August 2019. USAA never even settled the total loss with me the registered owner they settled with my finance company and never informed me. THEY paid out money to copart for services copart never even did and paid out of my insurance claim. USAA is nothing but a bunch of thieves. They refuse to pay what the vehicles acv is, they refuse to pay the taxes fees register and stuff required by the state of alaska. USAA cant tell the truth for the life of them. USAA IS SO NOT CONCERNED ABOUT THE MONEY THAT ACTUALLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN PAID OUT. THEY ARE VERY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. Even the so called director of the claims department. USAA is a joke and a RIP off they are only out for themselves not there members. I have had serious anxiety attacks after every conversation I've had with these idiots. If it isn't there was it's the highway.


@Lotsoflove8319 We have responded to your message on your original post. 

No, that was my post, not his/hers.

Copart is probably who bought the total'd car.

You should attorney up.