USAA is NOT what it used to be. Unfortunate

We have been trying to buy a truck for two days. The dealership has sent the funding request no less than 4 times and it still has not been received. Admittedly, the first two times the member number was not included on the subject line, because we were not told it needed to be. It took multiple attempts to upload the insurance card before they finally got all of the information correct. 


A couple of months ago my husband was hit by a drunk driver. It took the adjuster almost three weeks to send in the estimate, which ended up being wrong. He figured the estimate based on the damage shown in pictures and never addressed the mechanical problems caused by the accident.


We moved our mortgage years ago because of an issue with a refinance. 


It seems they just can't get their act together.

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I am really sorry to hear that you had these experiences. I can understand your frustration and will forward your feedback accordingly. Hearing directly from our members is how we improve so I appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns. Has everything been taken care of with the truck or do you still need assistance? ~Crystal