USAA is NO longer the great company it was!


I have been a member for 21 years, I used to believe USAA was a great company...NO LONGER. I had a detailed conversation with a representative over the phone in regards to Car Replacement Program VS Gap Insurance. During this recorded phone call, I was told Car Replacement is essentially the same as Gap Insurance. I told the rep, great I will keep Car Replacement, pay an additional premium and cancel my Gap with another company. When adding Car Replacement information was misleading, vague and open to interpretation....stating if your car is a total loss we will pay additional. I kept a note of whom I talked with, date and time when I was told the two coverages were the same. This past September I had a total loss, USAA will only pay an additional 20% which leaves me with money due to my lender. I provided USAA with the name, date and time of the call when I was told the coverages are the same...however, they are able to locate that I did in fact speak to that person...mysteriously the recording will not play. When adding coverage, it does not state only 20% and I have requested a copy of my policy where it would say that...USAA can not locate that either. I paid a premium for coverage that was misrepresented which left me underinsured and now falling upon financial hardship because of this. 

In addition, the deducted even more money for "previous damage not repaired" which included rims and side mirrors that were not replaced (still missing from the vehicle) YES I most definitely had them replaced. The truly sad example of USAA's decline, the pictures took by USAA and sent to me of my total loss car...the pictures showed new side mirrors and rims on my car. My 8 year old nephew pointed this out in the pictures...but a trained adjuster apparently missed these items in the field inspection and the pictures he sent to me and continued to argue that they were not replaced.

ICING ON THE January policy I received a PREMIER DRIVER LEVEL DISCOUNT FOR $127 and then after calling and messaging and making a fuss about these issues, I promptly received a policy cancellation from USAA for bad driving record...USAA IS NO LONGER A GREAT COMPANY! AT LEAST FOR THE TAMPA OFFICE, I BELIEVE AFTER TOM ******* RETIRED IT WAS ALL DOWN HILL!!


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@LynnJC, I am sadden to read that after two decades your love for USAA has waned.  I have referred your concerns to our claims advocacy team so they can research your concerns further.  Please allow 1-3 business days for a call. - Ina

USAA's bank's address is named for USAA'S former chairman and CEO, the late BG Robert F. McDermott. It was during his time as our organization's boss that USAA stood out as the finest insurance company serving both active and retired officers of all military services.  Sadly, our outfit has taken on an aura of a business rather than a service organization. It's goal appears to be one of drumming up more business through heavy advertising in order to make a P&L statement look better than to look after the needs of its members. It's training of new employees has diminished; service reps whose first language is not English are hired without confirming their mastery of both spoken and written English. (See Ina's response to LynnJC). Recently, when I give my USAA member number to a young service rep over the phone, he initially had difficulty finding my number and declared  that my number appeared to be in error because it lacked zeros.


I have been a member for around 65 years and probably will remain a member for the rest of my life; I suspect that few, if any, members have fewer digits than six (other than those which may have been created artificially). Not too long ago I was especially pleased when I received extraordinary assistance to have a son's insurance premium paid on the date that coverage would have lapsed. It was only because I was put in contact with an experienced employee who was able, with rational thought and authority, to accomplish the task.


I heartedly applaud the "USAA Community" medium. To management: please continue to find good ways for providing fine service to our members.