I had a total loss and filed a claim. I purchased a car within 30 days and submitted the paperwork for reimbursement for taxes which is required by insurance companies to pay in Illinois. I spoke with a representative over the phone who told me that USAA would not cover the sales tax on the replacement vehicle and insisted that although I had sales tax covered a few years ago on a separate total loss that I was wrong. He told me he had frequently gotten into arguments about sales tax being covered in the past. Because this was going no where I hung up, pulled up the Illinois statute, and called back. I spoke with a much more helpful representative who took the time to figure it out and issued a payment for the sales tax. 


I can only wonder how many members have lost out on receiving reimbursement because of representatives like the first who both don't know what they are talking about and aren't willing to take the time to figure it out. If I had not gone through this process before, I would not have known to 1) submit the documentation or 2) call back after being denied by the first representative. 


@IL Resident, I am terribly sorry to hear about your concerns with your total loss claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist to review. They will look into your situation and reach out to you. Thank you.