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My older vehicle a 2002 Dodge Durango SLT plus with all the bells and whistles was damaged in Michael.  Went to a USAA affliated shop, which is differen than a USAA repair facility.  Gave me an estimate of $2100 to repair paint and cracked windshield. They did not like it, assigned it to some jackleg out of IANET.  Guy cut the appraisal to 1300 then USAA cut it to 200 said it was wear an tear that caused the paint damage.  I called an complained to loudly.  The car was fine on Wed and now on Thurdsay after the storm it was damaged but "according to their experts" it is was already there.  I am tired of USAA calling me a liar.  This happned when back in July 20, 2018 a guy blew a stop sign pulling out in front of my wife.  Jacqueline, totally not her fault.  She had to be extracted out of the car, caused some damage to seat, they claimed it was prior damage. Same thing with stains on carpets. The heater core ruptured and spilt antifreeze in the car.  Subracted $800 for that.  Then I upped my coverages, there salesman said oh if you buy this extra coverage it will make sure your car is repaired with no problems.  I am seriously looking at switching insurance companies once this is done.  I spent 4k a year with this company.  Tired of being called a liar in a polite way and feeling like I am under interrogation when filing a claim.  What happened to you guys?  You use to be great to work with.  


@BBBFarm, I am terribly sorry to hear about your concerns regarding the claim for your Durango. I have located your claim and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert. Please allow 2-3 business days for them to review and reach out to you. Thank you.

I will be posting on your respose and your actions. Sounds like you guys do not care about customers anymore.