USAA has changed in negative way

USAA used to apply only to military members and immediate family members. Now they allow others to join. More customers, more costs, less customer service. 0.01% interest on a checking account is pathetic. I had USAA auto insurance for about 20 years, paid my premiums, was never late, and had so few claims that I could count them on one hand. Then I donated my car to a charity, USAA canceled the insurance, called the DMV, which created a whole new set of problems for me. The DMV fined me and now it's $200 to get my driver's license back. Definitely not for the benefit of military service members or immediate family members after those years of USAA.

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I agree completely!  I' m 55 years with USAA & can say customer service has definately Diminished, which is More than frustrating.  Also, the recent changes to their website are awful ......first, it is hard to find & sign in to the actual 'home page' which was familiar & easy to maneuver throughout;  the new design is illogical & Very difficult to find subjects or information!!  Also, I actually want to log on to the ' home page', NOT the mobile app (which I will Never use)!  .....I wish USAA would actually read this & readjust some things (as they no long see seem to respond to direct messages).

I also agree. USAA was the Gold Standard for customer service, with each passing year the customer service gets a little worse. 
when I joined USAA 30+ years ago everything USAA did was far above average, it was almost embarrassing how well they treated their members. Those days are gone. USAA is still an good organization but they lost the edge that sets them apart from the herd.

Hello @Jay37z, thank you for your 30+ years of membership. We aim to provide all of our members with exceptional service every time and it's difficult to hear your disappointment. We always appreciate hearing from our members and since we continually look for ways to improve, I'm sharing your comments for further review and consideration. -Paula

Hello, @Vly2. I am sorry to read you are not happy with the updates. I am going to forward your feedback to the appropriate area as it will help us improve for the future. Thank you. 

I agree and have had analogous problems with USAA over the years.  They have lost the recipe for customer service.  We hsve placed our insurance elsewhere.