USAA flat out denies my auto theft claim on a techinicality

Chad Childers
Occasional Contributor

My auto theft claim went all the way up to some supposed executive advocacy department at USAA and it was still denied.


I had originally purchased my truck in mid-December of 2018. At the time of my purchase the state of Florida had a pre-insurance inspection law in place. This law stated that if a vehicle was purchased and required full coverage insurance the owner of said vehicle must get a pre-insurance inspection within 30 days of the purchase.


When I had originally signed up for this coverage online at I had checked a box that apparently stated I acknowledged the fact that this pre-insurance inspection was a requirement. In the following weeks USAA had sent follow up emails reminding me of this requirement. I obviously do not read every email from USAA due to the fact that most emails that come from them are emails soliciting more business.


It was in the fine print when I had signed up for coverage. Reminders were sent to me as emails. I obviously wasn’t aware of this requirement of a pre-insurance inspection. USAA was covered legally because I checked some box online and they had sent me emails that went to probably my spam folder.


Lo and behold a month later USAA dropped my full coverage insurance on 01/18/2019. Once again I was not aware of this because I didn’t read my emails. Then less than a week after that my truck was broken into on 01/24/2019.


USAA has repeatedly denied my auto theft claim to pay me back for the damages and property lost during the theft. I understand that there are laws and compliance issues with insurance. I get that. I would not have intentionally screwed myself over and not got that pre-insurance inspection had I known about it. When I did realize I needed the inspection I got it done and it only took me 5 minutes.


USAA affirms their denial to pay for my out of pocket loss. Hey they are covered legally…what does it matter to them! They absolutely do not care the financial burden this has created for me.


This law has subsequently been done away with effective March of 2019.


USAA would like to thank me for my 16 year membership? They have a funny way of showing it.


It appears that you failed to do your due diligence. You failed to maintain a product. Not USAA fault by your own admission.