I found out the hard way today that after losing a ton of my pay from working on the Las Vegas strip, it's a struggle to pay any bills during this covid situation, USAA really won't just let me refinance my vehicle and these "people" really asked, "Have you considered selling it?" That's the only way I can get to work, dipsh, to pay the loan. So, I guess you guys win, eventually you'll come around to reposess, then I'll lose my home once I can't get to work. Cool. Don't even think about offering that bull hold for one month to me like I'll recover in October and everything will be back to normal. Heartless banking.


 Hello and thank you for reaching out to us to share your feedback. We are truly sorry that you've been impacted financially due to the Covid pandemic. We will forward the concerns you've shared with the appropriate department for further review. Thank you!