USAA does not care or worry about their customers(you are just a number and Dollar signs)

Gerry Hutchings

I have served my country for 14 years and been with USAA since 2004. I thought this was company that cared, but I was sadly let down.  USAA recoomended Arber bodyshop to repair my truck in March 2015. The company repair the tire and the sub-components and by 2018 the tire started having issues. In December 2018 the tire that was repaired came off while driving I-26 in South Carolina.

After having a conversation on 4 FEB 2019 USAA and the company agreed to fix it. The next day the Company and USAA (kimberly F) said that the item was wear tear. At this moment thats when I realize that this company is all about money, They seen no profit in replacing that tire and ignore the that 2 individuals could have died. No one wanted to take accountability and USAA left me to figure it out on my own. I guess this will be my last year with USAA, but I don't think care because there advertising for new memeber so this not the same company, so sad this world is all about greed, instead of doing good business.


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@Gerry Hutchings, I apologize for the experience you're having with your past auto claim.  I reviewed your claim file and a member of management will be following up with you to further discuss your concerns with the claim.  They will be reaching out to you soon.  Thanks ~ Robert.

All your company is going to do, is find a way out of this issue.

Best to just leave USAA.