USAA denied my auto theft claim due to a pre-insurance inspection law in Florida that no longer exists

Chad Childers
Occasional Contributor


I am very disappointed in USAA Insurance as a company. I would not suggest them or promote using any of their car insurance products to anyone. My auto theft claim was denied due to a Florida pre-insurance inspection law that is no longer in effect as of the end of March 2019. USAA chose to deny my claim and not reimburse me for my out of pocket expenses.


I had several USAA representatives call me all the way up to someone who supposedly was in the office of the CEO resolution team. Every representative I spoke with validated the claims department decision to deny reimbursing me for my auto theft claim.


I wanted USAA to know the impact of their decision to deny my auto theft claim. I under good faith assuming that USAA was going to reimburse me spent my own money to get my window replaced and the radio in my truck after my window was busted out in a theft. I pay $840/ month in child support and live pay check to pay check. I have been a USAA member for 16 years now. USAA not giving me the money for this claim left me negative in my checking account and having to borrow money from family to keep afloat.


The last representative that called me wanted to ask if I could give him insight on the experience I had with the whole claims process. He wanted to know how USAA could make improvements to their claims process. What nerve to call me and ask me how you can improve your claims process after you have denied my claim! I think the answer to that question is fairly simple and obvious. USAA shouldn’t have denied my claim. That’s how they could have improved the claims process!


What a horrible experience to go through! I would’ve thought that after 16 years of membership to USAA I would’ve been treated better than this. This proves volumes to me as a USAA patron. USAA is a big corporation that doesn’t really care for its members on a personal level. They only care about the bottom line.


Before you decide to get USAA to service your car insurance needs I would suggest to take a look at all of the reviews from people, such as myself, that had to file an auto insurance claim. You will be surprised when you read through these reviews. I will say, however, that USAA insurance is a good quality auto insurance to have as long as you don’t have to file a claim.