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USAA uses deceptive practices, they do not care about policy holders, they seek to maximize their profit margins no matter the cost, even if that cost is losing long-term members.  I had a post about the horrible handeling of my total loss, just posted an update to it only to see that USAA deleted the entire post.  Anyone reading this, USAA ought to be last on your list of insurance companies to go with.


@Nate123, your post was not deleted but re-routed to appropriate community board based on the topic.  Simply type in Horrible experience with USAA total loss claims into the search bar.   Your will see your post is the first one to come up under the Insurance Customer Service tab.  Have a good day. - Ina

my post was about my total loss as the primary subject, not about customer service (apart of my post but not the largest subject)

Ina: You are Wrong. “Nate123’s” Post was “Deleted” out of the “Public Viewing Session” and hidden in the “Restricted Area”.

That is called Censorship and much more significantly that is called USAA imposing extreme forms of Censorship on the very US Military personnel who take an oath of service to support and defend the Constitution of the United States (which includes the First Amendment Freedom of Speech) against all enemies foreign and domestic.

USAA recently disconnected me (a retired US Army Officer and 39 year member) from this “Community” Forum for 30 days because you said I “repeated a topic”. When I asked what topic I repeated you never responded. See your statement just below then I will continue with my comments. (And tell Joseph I would still like to know what topic I repeated)
August 01 2018 / 04:42 PM

Dear Colonel (name),

Additional posts on the same topic would be considered bumping, which is a violation of our Member Community guidelines. Your Member Community account was suspended for 30 days, effective July 24, due to repeated posts on the same topic.

Thank you,
Joseph Madrid
USAA Member Relations Advisor
Office of the CEO
(210) 531-8722, Extension [removed sensitive data]

That was the third time you disconnected me from this forum with no explanation and now USAA has degraded to where it tells military personnel that they can not repeat any topic on any subject or else they will be disconnected.

Do a search on the following key words and you have all the examples you want of censorship:
Deleted Post
Deleted Comment

I am currently using all of the resources available to me in working with the FTC / Military Task Force to deal with not only the issue of USAA imposing extreme forms of censorship on their military members but other areas of USAA’s business practices as well, but I do not want to get into those specifics at this time as some things are currently under review.

Hopefully the FTC / MTF is in fact monitoring this community forum at this time in a “read only” status. I’m sure you know it is very easy to access this forum from the internet in a read only status.

Nate123: A number of USAA members have posted their email addresses to me on this forum and will be using my FTC / MTF case number to join this effort. Do not post your privacy info on this forum but send me a note on occassion if you would like to participate. The FTC / MTF will be a true advocate and watch over you.

USAA: To conclude. Its coming, you have my word on that. If you can take an action in the interest of protecting a member’s privacy info. As you can see just below, “BrianJ” posted his real name and email address in the post entitled: “Most Current Version of the USAA Member NFL Petition Cover Letter / 1,720 Members”. I am referencing that post only to ask you to go to it and “x” out his privacy info now that I have it. Below is the specific reply you need to go to:

‎08-01-2018 09:52 AM
"stand united" please keep me updated on your worthy cause.
(Full name is listed)
(Full email address is listed)

That ends my comments. A copy of this post was made after being posted.

Stand United
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Federal Trade Commission
Bureau of Consumer Protection

The Federal Trade Commission launched a web page highlighting the work of the agency’s new Military Task Force, which is aimed at identifying the needs of military consumers and developing initiatives to empower servicemembers, veterans, and their families, including through law enforcement actions.
The Military Task Force, comprised of a cross-section of agency representatives, is part of the FTC’s ongoing and collaborative effort to provide resources for the military community.

In 2016, there were more than 100,000 consumer complaints from servicemembers, their dependents, military retirees and veterans, according to data compiled by the FTC. About two-thirds of the complaints were from retirees and veterans.

“Servicemembers devote their lives to protecting us, so it’s incumbent on us to protect them,” said FTC Acting Chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen. “This task force will work on identifying the needs of military consumers and work on several initiatives to address those needs.”

For more information, visit:

The Federal Trade Commission works to promote competition, and protect and educate consumers. You can learn more about consumer topics and file a consumer complaint online or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357).

Nicole Jones
(link sends e-mail)

Office of Public Affairs
Svetlana Gans

Carole Reynolds
202-326-3230; and

Carol Kando-Pineda

Good morning @standunited, @Nate123's post is located under the Insurance Customer Service tab.  Type Horrible experience with USAA total loss claims into the search bar. - Ina






Thank you for a reply. Let me just say Nate’s post should be where he originally posted it and my NFL Petition post should be where I originally posted it. And USAA should not be telling military members what topics they can discuss and what military related topics they can not discuss. USAA does the same thing on Facebook.

The CEO of Twitter was just in front of Congress on this very issue and acknowledged that Twitter in the past was imposing a bias on certain responsible views.

USAA should join the rest of the United States of America and replace your bumping paragraph with the First Amendment paragraph. USAA Moderators should be focused on responding to bad language, threatening comments, etc; and let your military members speak freely and responsibly. We have earned the right to do so and we have the service connected disabilities to prove it.

Thank You,
Stand United
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