I have always been such an advocate for USAA but not anymore!  Boy have things changed for the worse.  I recently purchased a car, used the car buying service and bought from a USAA preferred dealer.  I spoke many time with USAA about my loan.  I filled most of the information in on the phone and was told to use the app on my phone to finish it.  I was at the dealership and buying a car with an app was a little scary so I called them again and they told me to just push the button and sign the documents.  Now 5 days later the dealership still hasn't been paid and I receieved a message about my loan and it said I financed my car for 72 months.  I would never do that!  I called and they said there is nothing I can do because I signed the documents.  I told them I want to see those documents but I've been on the phone for over 20 minutes now and they are having trouble locating the documents.  They told me what my interest rate would be when the calculated in that I used a preferred dealer and I have it drafted from my account.  My letter does not include any of that and probably never will.  I am just so dissapointed in what used to be a wonderful company.  


Westiemom4ever, we are currently reviewing your situation and will reach out to you soon. I appreciate your patience as we take a look at your loan. - Janay