The USAA claims process has failed me. It’s been over half a year since my accident and I’m still not back in my car. The adjuster actually just told me my vehicle would not be totaled out because the repair cost wasn’t close to the value. In what world is $27,975.00 not close to $33,000.00? I guess if you don’t add in the $6,000 in rental car fees these six months or the current costs that the second collision company will charge for the new seatbelt and fixing the constant rattling noises, labor, oh and the dealership charges for making sure the repairs were done correctly. My car has been repaired twice and still isn’t safe to drive. There is no ETA on the seatbelt—another national backordered part. I was asked if I wanted my car repaired or totaled and then explained the process that I would get papers in the mail for title/salvage, then today I get a call informing me the Claims Director denied totaling it and said repair some more and stay in a rental. Way to take care of your members. This single mom is going to count pennies and sue you. No wonder Montana has a class action suit against you! Any lawyers out there want to help a disabled veteran? By the way, as you’ve already been informed of the performance, of your partnership/recommendation with Acme Collision but let’s just share with everyone. Acme took such good care of my vehicle they left our salads, sandwiches, and soda to marinate in my car on their lot for 5 months! That was so disgusting to find on pick up day. Their attention to detail was disgraceful and I feel unsafe in that car. My child cries when she has to ride in it. Not only did they fail to repair the seatbelt (mandated by the manufacturer when all airbags deploy), but they failed to repair the constant rattling noises that was taken back twice. Shame on you USAA!!! I will continue to share my story with every military person and veteran I meet until you make this right. And I’m closing all my accounts and refinancing my mortgage with someone else and make sure you never see another dollar from me. Keep you fake concern Lori and Maryann you failed to provide oversight and only caused undue stress upon a traumatic event. Shame on you!