USAA cares about its members!

I need to give a huge shout out to USAA! My 2021 Buick has been in the body shop since June 2022 waiting on parts after a minor oopsy in a parking garage. Not a lot of damage but the rear passenger side door needs to be replaced. You wouldn’t think it would take nearly 9 months for GM to ship a door, but you would be wrong. I realize since the pandemic there are supply chain issues and workforce shortages. But we’re talking only a door! The dealership has been scouring the entire country trying to locate parts to no avail. I contacted Buick for assistance and received no help. USAA got involved and put pressure on GM by saying they will no longer insure  GM vehicles if they can’t make parts available. Lo and behold GM is sending the parts for my repair! If all goes well I will have my car back in the next 2 weeks! I would also like to say USAA has paid for a rental vehicle the entire time! They didn’t have to do that. This shows they really do care about their members. They probably are tired of paying for my rental LOL!

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Finally--some good news.