I used thi service and found that the dealers did not honor price, flooded me with calls and pestered me to buy outside my specs. Not at all useful service.
USAA, you have a ton of work to do on this service.


Thank you for your feedback regarding this service. Please send us an email with the dealers information so we can have this researched. Thank you for bringing this matter to  our attention! ~Michelle

I had this problem in the past and was very carefull about clicking any buttons this time. My phone was flooded with phone calls for days. After my 2nd negative experience with this service and I will never use it again. 

kvig - The only dealers that should have contacted you are the ones you requested quotes from. You should not have received any other dealership calls, and I regret if this occurred. I have provided your feedback to our team that handles this service for use during future enhancements. - Cathleen

I had this problem as well . The USAA web site quoted me at 20,300 and the Ford of Port Richey in Port Richey Florida quoted me at 25,800 on exact same vehicle . I was confused because less than 24 hours earlier the exact same dealership offered me a 24.2k offer on the exact same vehicle . The actually raised the price on me 1.6k in less than 24 hours . I was shocked at this .