Recently bought a Vehicle.  went through the car buying service, found the dealership and found the vehicle I wanted.  all done online and with phone calls.  I purchased the vehicl out of state because I was looking for a VERY specific vehicle and none of the dealerships in my state had what I was looking for.  Long story short- after trying for days to get the proper forms filled out correctly, making certain the dealership got the proper forms for the discount rate and the $1000 rebate...USAA told me " didn't get it right."  That car buying process is a disaster.  there are apparently 2 or 3 different sets of forms.  USAA makes it so difficult to complete correctly, in the hopes that the customer screws it up and they don't have to honor the agreement.  


I even called them to ask and try and make it correct..nope.  No discount, No rebate for you.  I financed a $70k vehicle with USAA and tried to get the right forms.  USAA has no honor, no integrity and no virtue.  Total scam.  


Drop USAA Bank.  The USAA insurance is above average but the USAA Bank side with screw you over in a heartbeat.  this is just another example.


@strikeu, This is hard to read and so sorry to hear about this experience! This isn't how we ever want you to feel. I am forwarding this post to a subject matter expert now. ~Tom

I'm busy posting this story all over facebook and twitter as well.  someone named "holland" is asking me my personal information on the USAA facebook page.  I am in every veteran and military group on facebook telling this story.  you people screwed me hard after I tried everything in the book to do it right.  you screwed the wrong guy.  I will make this cost USAA WAY more than a half a point interest rate and a $1000 discount.  

Relax dude, don't go "Postal". Retribution will get you no where but a prison of self hate

yes, I agree...I get so (banned word by USAA) off every time I start discussing this. 


I have been with USAA for almost 30 years.  they even say THANK YOU for your loyalty with USAA...blah blah blah.  I have had auto insurance, all of my home insurance EVER, credit cards, bank accounts, savings...the whole mess with USAA for just shy of 30 years, and when I try my best to work this "deal" they ignore you.  Not only did they Ignore me, when they turned me down for the rebate and interest rate they accused me of trying to "subvert" thier system by submitting the forms after the sale, when clearly I made every effort BEFORE the sale to get the right forms.  Only after the sale did they tell me there was a separate form that I neglected to fill out..and THEN they flick the booger to some third party that is "actually the people giving the rebate"..wrong.  I logged into USAA to use the car buying service.  again, not one ounce of integrity or honor in the whole mess.  if someone decided to make this right I will retract all my statements but until then I am actively seeking another insurance provider and bank.

Something tells me there is more to this story. If not, I assure you what you experienced is the exception, not the norm. The actions you describe by USAA are not in concert with the culture all USAA employees are brought in to during their first few days on the job. The actually have a reception process to help employees understand the culture.

Be calm and call back. I’ve had issues, too, but discovered it was not USAA’s fault when I dug deeper.

so there IS actually more to this story:  USAA throws me over the fence to "True Car".  This is the third party that "theoretically" is the middle man between the USAA member and the entire car buying world.  2 types of incentives, 1.  the $1000 rebate which True Car mediates on behalf of the car buyer and 2.  the half percent off the loan rate from USAA directly for using the service.


So far "True Car" tells me I bought the wrong $70k vehicle, sorry no rebate for you, stop bothering us.  However they did acknowledge that I got the paperwork (for the wrong vehicle) into the "system" in time for the USAA "executive resolution team" to adjudicate my plea.  so far noone from this mythical beast "team" has bothered to contact me.    it's been 2 weeks. 


so much for customer service.  DROP the bank, keep the insurance.   



@strikeu, thank you for providing additional information. I'm sorry to learn that you have not been contacted after two weeks. I'm sharing this update with the team that has been assigned to review your concerns. ~DC

Final update folks..with a glimmer of hope for the future.


I recieved a call from USAA "executive resolution" yesterday.  It didn't start off well, mostly with the same "process" explanations, however somewhere in the conversation the tide began to turn.  I think a lightbulb came on somewhere on the USAA side.  Long story short:  of the 2 "parts" to the car buying service ($1k back from manufacturer and .5% off interest rate) I was denied the manufacturer $1k because well...thats the manufacturer (they said I bought the wrong $70k Truck).  However after some additional explanation (and my threat to leave USAA with about 8 different accounts) the "executive resolution" guy acquiesced and I ultimately got the .5% off the loan rate.  SO, after much anguish and amlodipine USAA made "good" on what they were able to control.  half success is better than nothing.


(by the way- this Community forum doesn't have spell check to assist with underline misspelled words, I'm using Chrome)

@strikeu, thank you for providing an update! While I'm sadden to hear that the manufacturer couldn't follow through on the $1k rebate, I'm happy to hear that our team was able to assist with your loan rate. I hope you have a wonderful weekend from here! ~Holland