Have been a member since 1968 when I bought my first car in Pensacola and the salesman set me up with NFCU and USAA.


There has never been a time when I’ve been dissatisfied with the company. I too wish I knew what I would receive in the annual distribution but the process has been what it has been for decades. The senior bonus, new to me a few years ago, is also managed on the same protocol. To me it’s akin to a stock benefit determined by the corporation derived from its annual performance and the amount is promulgated. The process is what is and has been.


Of course as a corporation, it is to be judicious in claims etc. I did have a time in settling a claim when our car was totaled, but the claims department has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure USAA members also are afforded the best coverage, service and return to its members. We members should not expect it to roll over to our demands or claims.  There is an adage that should be known to those making claims: never accept the first offer. It is a time for negotiation. 


Our USAA insurance coverage covers all aspects of our various exposures. I can’t find another which beats the price and service.


There is another aspect to this. It is a company that is populated by fellow humans who make mistakes or ultimately need to “move on.” How many of us experience this in our respective Service. 


It’s up to us to pursue issues not properly settled and not just complain.  My experience with both USAA & NFCU is that corrective action and remedy are taken, though maybe not to my complete satisfaction. That’s life I guess.