I financed a car with USAA.   I was offered exteneded vehicle protection which I took and paid for in full out of checking.   Reviewing the EVP documents  saw the exclusions made it essentially useless and I cancelled it within days.   I went to the dealer, completed the paperwork and picked up my car.   


Several days later the loan paperwork was finalized and USAA added another (with a different policy number) EVP to my loan.  I specifically that the only EVP be debited from my DDA account which it was.  I still await that refund.    USAA added a second EVP to the loan, procured documentary stamps, and refuses to correct their error.   Vanessa in the Executive Escalation Team in Phoenix refuses to acknowledge their error and blames me for calling and ordering two EVP polices.  One on the first of April and one on the 17th.    I called on the 17th to update USAA that I was using a different car dealer and getting a different model.   I absolutely never asked for two EVP policies.


USAA failed to link the two telephone calls, even though I entered my PIN and called from my home phone so they should have all of the auto loan information at their fingertips. 


Vanessa escalated this to Richard (they always refuse to give a last name or ID number) the manager of the Executive Escalation team in Phoenix but they insist I have to call a vendor to cancel a second policy I never ordered or authorized. 


Vanessa insisted over and over that I called in and ordered two plans.   USAA apparently thinks we're all idiots.   They refuse to admit their error and correct it, and force me deal with the vendor to correct their mistake.   

The misrepresentation of the EVP, the failure to correct a fraudulent debit to my DDA account, the misrepresentation that I've asked for two EVPs and the failure to take timely and decisive action to correc the loan and attendant doc stamp overcharges lead me to belive that there is a pattern of incompetence, misfeasance, and perhaps organized fraud.     I am astounded at how poorly USAA has handled this.   It is most assuredly not the USAA of 25+ years ago that I knew so well. 


I can't in good conscience recommend USAA to anyone again, which is unfortuante as there are so few good banks left.


Did the loan paperwork you signed have the EVP on it as part of the loan amount? 

The loan paperwork was signed electronically.  It did not have the EVP.  USAA made an error and then argued with me about it being my fault. 


Today Vanessa from the executivfe resolution team or something similar called to say they would cancel it, credit the amount back to my loan and credit me for the doc stamp overage they created.  It will take a week or so.   Vanessa is the same person who insisted yesterday that they could not cancel it on by behalf, nor could she explain why I would take two EVP on one vehicle.  


I did file a complanit witht the CPFB, I let USAA know that there is an outstanding complant that they will have to field.  If they are able to timely resolve the problem I will update the CPFB complaint.   


I've had USAA more almost 3 decades now and I have to say the first 20 some years were perfect.  Banking, insurance, brokerage, travel insurance, heck even the USAA merchandise catalog when they had it was top notch.    Now it seems they have slipped.    I don't want to change banks and other services to different providers as frankly it is a pain in the neck, but USAA isn't inspiring much confidence of late. 



USAA called to tell me they worked with the vendor to cancel the unauthorized EVP and will refund the amount in question to the loan principal. 

We had a somewhat heated discussion about the unneeded documentary stamp tax on the unauthorized amount.  USAA initally insisted the doc stamps were correct when in fact they were not.     USAA called later in the day and will be crediting the doc stamps overage to my checking account.  While only a few dollars I would hope that USAA would have initally understood their errors and corrected them promptly.    


While I'm pleased that they are not taking steps to correct their errors I'm not terribly impressed with the customer service I've recieved of late.   

USAA has corrected all of their errors.    It was bit disconcerting to have people at my bank not understand documentary stamps on a consumer loan that Florida requires.   I expected more from USAA. 


Perhpas given time they will be back to the old USAA we all know and love.