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Veterans beware when purchasing a used or new car with USAA. When a member uses the web site USAA to purchase a vehicle, your personal contact informtion is shared with the Dealer. No matter if you are searching other web sites or how long you are searching. Then when you use another source to locate your vehicle and you are in the middle of negotiating the purchase and or trade in, the Dealer states, negotiating process is over since True Car is going to be receiving a $400.00 referral on my behalf. I tried to bring this to the attention of USAA, however, the Representative told me he would forward my information. After I asked to where? The Rep told me my concern will go to True Car. I asked why would I want my concern to go to True Car when True Car is the reason for my concern?    Obviously, this conversation went nowhere. Veterans beware of the many opportunities to be taken advantage of. I asked who the CEO of USAA is. I was told Stuart Parker. I asked for his contact information and the REP told me USAA is not allowed to give out the contact information and the only action taken would be for True Car to be contacted. In other words, no transperancy and no accountability in using USAA for Car Purchases. Does this same happen with mortgages, insurance etc etc?


Concerned Army Vet, This is never the way we want you to feel. I have located your profile and will share your feedback with the appropriate area. Please allow us a few days to research this concern. ~Michelle