USAA Windshield Replacement or lack of is going to cost you more and more customers


Very Disappointed with the auto insurance coverage with USAA when I switched from State Farm who I have been with for 20 + years I did a side by side view of coverages and looked to be a little better with USAA. niether policy really said anything about windshield repair or replacement but i always knew SF was free for repair and $50 or $75 to replacement.  Costing my family $980 to replace it isn't worth putting in a cliam and increasing your premiums to save $500. That cost is now a wash to the savings from moving. State Farm will get my family back soon enough.


Hello, @Cuddatz. Thank you for sharing your feedback via the USAA Community. I certainly understand your concerns. I have sent you a PM to inquire on this further. You can check your private messages by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the page, followed by the envelope icon. Thank you in advance for responding there. ~ Steven