USAA Website Glitches and Inconsistent Answers from Customer Service

I was approved for an auto loan through USAA, this is the 3rd loan now as the prior 2 are paid off, and when I went through the website somehow the Debt Protection was added. I called immediately and was told to go back through the loan online and uncheck the selection, so I did. The very next day my wife said we still had it on the loan, I checked and it was still there! I called and was advised that it was "too late" and that I had selected the plan. I advised I had even called to cancel it but was advised to do this online and the website was having issues. The answer: Well you can wait until after the loan funds and then cancel, but your car payment won't change! What in the world....Then I was given another answer the next day that it would lower my payment when I cancelled the service....Can someone provide a straight answer?? Also, why I am I being penalized for website issues??


Hi Jeff,


Thank you for posting in the community. I have sent your comments over to a banking specialist, and someone will be in touch with you in regards to your situation. Thank you.