I have been a life-long member of USAA thanks to my grandfather who is a retired Major in the Airforce. Three years ago i took out an auto-loan from USAA for a used vehicle with 104,000 miles for $7000 at 8.59%, which wasn't bad, given at the time I had not yet build up good credit. Today, three years later, I have reduced my loan balance to $3,900 never missing a payment. To the point, my vehicle broke down on the interstate on my way to work a few days ago due to an oil leak/the engine burning oil. "Mechanical" failures are not included in USAA's comprehensive insuranceand my mechanic advised me that the engine is not reliable and it is pretty much totaled. So I called USAA about re-financing my auto loan to get a lower rate now that I have much better credit, to help me out of this unplanned financial rut that I now find myself in. The person who I spoke with on  the phone was extremely impersonal and indefferent, she advised me that USAA would not allow refinancing of any loan under $5,000 then proceded to try to sell me into refinancing my current loan and adding the $1,100 difference to bump it up to $5,000. She then told me that my new rate on the increased loan would be 10.45% which makes no sense to me seeing as how i have close to an 800 credit score and a stable full time job. She also informed me that I couldn't do anything with the vehicle until the loan was paid off in full, that i would have to get it towed from the shop to my house where it will sit, undriveable, until the bounty is paid.. She said there wasn't anything she could do and did the cheesy "is there anything else i can do for you today mr.____". I am extremely upset with USAA not working with their loyal customers and it would seem this comapany is indefferent when their policy holders are in dire need of assistance, they will just kick them when they are down. This company is a far cry away from the origional founders intentions. I hope that by reading this people will make the informed decision not  to take out a loan contract with this profit hungry institution.  


@alexmann, I'm sorry to learn that you are experiencing mechanical failures with your car. I can certainly understand your desire to refinance the auto loan, and I'm saddened to learn of your unsatisfactory experience. I can assure you that excellent service is still a top priority at USAA. Please allow me to engage a subject matter expert to review the situation. We'll conduct a follow-up with you after a thorough review of the situation. ~DC