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Please stop telling us that you are sorry for our inconvenience. Please stop telling you are forwarding our concerns to a subject matter expert. Please stop telling us that we will get a call in 1-2 business days. 

None of that is true. 

I have a claim that was initiated on December 2nd. The last communication I have from my adjuster is Dec 14th. The last communication I have from USAA is from Dec 24th. None of the things they stated are actually happening. I have left multiple voice mails for my adjuster, yet have never actually spoken to him on the phone. I have been told that the next step would take 3-5 business days. I found out 8 days later that the next step was not actually started, but now it would only take 1-2 days. Here we are 7 days later, and still no communication from USAA. 

I provided documentation to USAA on Dec 13th to show that this claim was a "not at fault" claim. No one has communicated that the deductible has been removed from the claim. 

Please say what you really mean. 

We do not care about your loss. We do not care that you are without a vehicle for over a month because we are not doing our jobs. We do not care that we do not communicate. This is all your fault for being involved in a wreck that wasn't your fault to begin with. 

At least then we know what to expect and what we are getting into. 


I am going through the same thing. I on hold again going on 40 min as i type this. 

I was told the wait time for Total Loss was 10 minutes. They were going to send them a message through both internal instant message and email to call me back immediately. That was about 35 minutes I am feeling your pain. 

O look. The original call was made at 3:05 PM CST. It is now 4:29 PM CST...and what do you know...still no call from USAA Total Loss Department. 10 minute wait turns into an hour and twenty five minutes and counting. 


1 hour 42 minutes...and still counting. Good thing I have nothing better to do all day than waiting for USAA to not call me back. 


2 hours, 7 minutes. No phone call. 


2 hours 28 minutes

Now at 3 hours waiting for that phone call.

Now at 7 days waiting for the update that was supposed to take 1-2 days.  

This service is useless.  USAA used to be a great company and took care of its members.  Not anymore.

Leave USAA as soon as you can.  You will better insurance cheaper as well as better customer service.  USAA is not the companmy they once were.