When I enrolled in USAA SafePilot I initially enjoyed monitoring my driving habits.  It actually made me focus on the little things that distract us as we drive.  I made a point not to answer my phone while driving and after it identified a few "harsh braking" events I focused on trying not to "harsh brake".   After a while the SafePilot was following me everywhere.  These "harsh braking events were so minor I had to expand the view on my iphone to find where I was "harsh breaking".  In a few of the events I had a choice between "Hard Braking" to prevent running a yellow traffic light or slight acceleration to go thru the light.  Most of the time it was occational "firm breaking" that was normal in driving in Los Angeles.  My score stayed at 99 for a long time.  The next problem was when I had to use my phone.  I just came out of the store, sat in my vehicle to make a call.  It was hot so I started the car and remained parked.  Big Brother was watching and noted the transgression.  If you touch your phone (but don't answer it) while the phone rings or incomming text, it notes the transgression.  I am staying in a gated community and must call to have the gate opened.  I am stopped in a protected spot to have the gate opened.  I must turn off the car and remove the key or be charged with a trangression.  My SafePilot score dropped to 89.  Two Hand held device and 12 "harsh braking" events.  My "other vehicle" has hands free calling with steering wheel controls but I can't use these features due to this SafePilot program.  I called USAA a few months ago concerning these issues but was told it was the programs growing pains.  Big Brother "SafePilot" sees all and tells all, no matter how small.  While the program sounds good it lacks judgement, common sense, or review.  Thanks, Major Warrant



Hello @Major Warrant, I'm sorry to hear your disappointment with the SafePilot app. Your comments are taken seriously and I'm engaging the appropriate area to review your concerns further. I appreciate you taking time to post. -Paula

Big Brother "SafePilot" sees all and tells all, no matter how small.


Which is why I'll never have an insurance company dongle plugged into the OBD-II port of any car I own.  I'll find a '69 Plymouth Valiant to drive, if it comes to that.  Fewer gizmos to break, too.