I just came here to write that USAA's roadside assistance is god awful. If you are wanting to use them during peak hours then don't expect to be picked up before a 2 hour wait. I am writing this on the side of the road after calling them 2 hours ago.

The first tow truck schedule to come here cancelled and notified them of canceling but did not notify me. I called after waiting 1 hour only for the truck company to tell me that, and then I called USAA to notify then of this. They said that "they will have someone out here immediately" but has yet to notify me of a new tow truck company. I called after waiting another 40 minutes for anyone and they said that "they are working on this issue".

I would expect that USAA would have better contracted out companies considering I live around a large Army base in NC.

While writing this I have since been sent a text saying I should expect pickup in 90 minutes. I only intially called at 4:35pm and it is now 6:40pm. Who is going to reimburse me for my time and the additional money I spent paying for this tow?

Update.... I was contacted directly by the other towing company directly at 7:15pm wondering what was up. They just had got the request in and told me it would be over a hour wait since they are in Apex and I am in Spring Lake. I called the so called roadside command center back saying that I was going to cancel through them and get a truck directly and filing the claim with my insurance.
I have since contacted a local tow truck directly and they will be here in 20 mins.

This is complete BS that I have to be sitting on the side of the road for 3+ hours next to medium sized city in NC next to a very large customer base for USAA. Unless I get my tow refunded to me I am going to start moving my accounts.


@cyberfx1024 Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns, I have escalated this to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days. 

I am wary of adding roadside assistance to a personal auto policy as the insurance company may treat it as a claim, and penalize you for filing a claim when renewal time comes around. 

If they characterize it as a claim, it may also show up on your CLUE (combined loss underwriting exchange) report which all insurance companies consult when underwriting your policy to see past claim history. 


I have AAA because they're everywhere, not necessarily fantastic, but at least you can get a tow anywhere in the USA.   They don't report anything to any insurance companies and they're not considered insurance claims when you call for a tow. 


USAA, do you consider roadside assistance a claim? 

Hello @727, I'm engaging the appropriate area to assist you further. Thank you. -Paula

I'm good.  I don't need any assistance.  I'm problem free! 


@727    If I recall correctly, this may be considered a claim based on other members' posts.   I do know for sure that a very simple windshield fix is considered a claim and so it almost better to pay out of pocket to repair than to have it against you as a claim for 3 years.  

USAA if you keep calling me from the 'advocacy' department or whatever you're calling about please stop. 

Answer the question here, is roadside assistance considered a claim. 


You're calling me over and over again in regard to this post, if that is what you're doing, is creepy and big brother-ish. 

I had a similar *Very Disappointing* experience with USAA roadside service. It is very hard to justify paying for this since the response was quoted at 2 hours - and they never showed up. The response to this trea is equally vague and dissatisfying!

USAA has called me twice today and Aqero has called me once in regards to this saying that "they are launching a investigation to see what happened".
I wanted to clarify my earlier post by saying that the 2nd tow truck contacted me at 7:05 asking if "I really needed the tow since I was 1 hour away or I could contact someone local?".

All in all I got home around 8:15pm last night when my house was 8 miles away from where my car broke down. I had to pay $105 out of pocket for that tow and yet to hear anything back about that cost.