Thanks to you who posted your experiences with TrueCar and USAA referral purchase.  It is horrible buy a car in GA!  It is even more horrible retiring here after active duty – the state house reps are leeches and in the pockets of lobbers (hence all no Commissary despite over 80K retires in the greater ATL).   Well to the purchase of cars (subject), I attempted to purchase a vehicle out of state – what a skull rattler that is, if you are a GA resident.   Again, the state is 50 years behind - thus the whole loss to NY.  You not only pay state taxes (TN, FL, NC, etc.) where you purchase the auto, you will need to pay state taxes here in GA - all over again once the care is registered in GA, plus other fines!   Again, GA is at the bottom of the list of places a military person should select to retire.  The things we would do to support aging parents – return to GA.  I digress.  Well I almost got hook into USAA is looking after its members through this car buying process which the loan officer so confidently marketed.  It is a waste of time and effort.  In the end, I had to turn off my cell – calls all through the day and evening.  It like they smell the blood in the water!   Shame!  


@GA-Taxes! I appreciate the feedback that you have provided about the USAA Car Buying Service. I'm sharing your feedback with the appropriate team for review. ~DC