My vehicle has been in four different accidents within a year. None of them I was at fault for. The electrical and safety features on my vehicle continue to malfunction. I've taken it to dodge more than three times because of the same problems. It's failing because of the continuous pounding my vehicle has taken over the four accidents that occurred. I spoke to claims department management and express my concerns about how unsafe it is to drive my vehicle. Management stated because the vehicle has been repaired for different times which cost them money along with the value of my vehicle they would not be willing to do a replacement. Instead they want to conduct more inspections on it which will make it the fifth time. How many more inspections and or safety feature failures have to go on before I lose my life in a car accident because of the lack of safety. Claims department management says it's a financial decision why they refuse to replace my vehicle not the importance of my life. As of right now I'm driving a truck which the airbags and the seat belt sensors continue to fail and not one executive has reached out to me even though I emailed all of them. To all you USAA members I want you to know that this is how USAA feels about each member. I always thought they cared about us because we fought for this country but now I know the true reason.


@chiefan Thank you for sharing your concerns. I have escalated this to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 2 to 3 business days. 

This is how much USAA cares about their members. I have a vehicle that I'm driving with no airbag or seat belt sensors. Not once have they tried to reach out to me to put me into a safe vehicle to drive. I'm still waiting for an executive to contact me. The executive team is a complete joke. They can care less what goes on in there claims department. They have no powers over the claims department. So why do they even bother calling us.