I was involved in a hit and run and have just had a terrible time trying to get my car repaired by USAA. The engine was exposed and was parked on a city street, making it vulnerable to further damage or theft, and USAA took five days to tow it from the time I reported the damage to my car! I could have called AAA and they would have gotten it towed in an hour or two :/. It's been incredibly difficult dealing with USAA's vendor, IAA, who does not pick up the phone nor doesn't respond to voicemails. The damage to my car happened over two weeks ago, and it still hasn't been towed to the body shop for repairs. I need my car! USAA is not what it used to be. Their auto insurance is more expensive than many others, but you're not getting the service or the treatment you used to. It's absolute garbage. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. I'm closing all of my insrance and banking accounts with USAA after this experience. It's been terrible. 


Hello @Neveragain1, I can see the urgency of your situation and I'm engaging the appropriate area to address your concerns. -Paula