USAA Needs to Terminate its Car Buying Sevice


I've been a proud USAA member for 40 years.  I have believed that USAA had always provided quality services to its members. That is until now.   Why USAA would hitch its wagon and reputation to a dirt-bag organization like TrueCar baffles me and is disappointing. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way - in USAA I trusted - that this car buying service would be proved to be a benefit to members and provide some verified level of protection to USAA members.   But I found there was none.   I wish I had read some of these bad reviews by members before I used this "service."   As it turns out, there is no guaranteed price.   Participating dealers can add all the junk fees to inflate the price as they please, and still pull-off all the Kabuki dance haggling you were hoping to avoid.  When you raise these issues to USAA reps or TrueCar reps you are basically told "too bad" and they read you fine print that says dealers may charge additional fees (I still don't know why that little fact is not highlighted on the USAA site).   So what benefit do members receive?   Being set up as a pigeon?   TrueCar is paid by the dealers for each sucker delivered to them.  They certainly have no incentive to protect USAA members from this bait & switch scam.   So why doesn't USAA?   Get rid of TrueCar or get rid of the Buying Service altogether.   Years ago I bought a car via my Credit Union's car buying service.  Apparently they had concluded arrangements directly with various dealers - so they ensured certain standards were in place before dealers could participate.  When I went to the lot to purchase the vehicle, the transaction was flawless and at the price I expected.   So, why can't a huge organization like USAA do that?    Right now USAA's car buying service is a disgrace.


@Lonecamp, This is disappointing to hear. This is certainly not the type of experience we expect our members to have. I will have a subject matter expert review your situation further. Please allow sufficient time for completion of their review and we will follow up with you.