For DECADES i have been a USAA member, constantly checking them first for everything- car insurance, mortgages, homeowners insurance... for years USAA is been systematically losing my business with only car insurance left...
I'm sorry to announce that after decades of loyalty to USAA, they just made it clear to me that they no longer want me as a member... i admit that i have a less than perfect record, but the record has not changed since my last renewal in NY .and neither did the price. Now i am moving to florida and my insurance is going from $190 a month to $634?... ummmm NO THANKS.

Good luck usaa... thing is that we are always loyal to you because we are all military right? But loyalty must go both ways. Im actually sad.


We never want to lose any of our members @Underappreciated SGT and we are forwarding your concerns and account for review. We appreciate your patience during this review period and they will be contacting you once this has been completed. ~Joseph

Agree fully that USAA goes out of its way to drive clients away.  Service his terrible and it takes at least 30 minutes to make a simple transaction.  Massive waste of time.  Instead of always promisng to do something to improve, show us specifically you are doing and the timeline for improvement... otherwise don't waste our time telling us you are sorry.