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So I was forced to switch to GEICO a few months ago from USAA.  Not to beat a dead horse on that subject so the short story was USAA more than doubled our rates because we have a 16y/o daughter.  They gave every reason in the book and said it was because of this or that.  When I showed them how those reasons were wrong (with documentation to support my claim) they just said well the computer says.


Now I thought about looking at the cost without our daughter (because she owns her own car and has her own insurance policy, through GEICO and about 66% less than what USAA wanted).  When I looked at the cost of our policy to return for my wife and I, I was interested by the factors that affect our decions page it showed me.  Yep I knew about the accident my wife had years ago where she hit a pole, but what I didn't know about was the at fault accident I had the same day according to USAA in Oregon.  Funny thing was I was with my wife in MO, when she had her accident.  How could I be in MO and OR at the exact same time???  This had be a clerical error, we were in MO driving on our way to OR (we were moving).  Now if one googles the distance they will see I did no drive the rest of the way and have an at fault accident later that night.


So I called USAA and to my suprise they said this was information reported to them by the DMV.  So USAA claims the Oregon DMV told them I had an at fault accident you say?  The question is could that possibly be correct, well let's evaluate the evidence here.  I never filed a claim so this at fault accident.  This is odd because my deductible at the time was 250.00 dollars.  In Oregon by law you only report accidents over 2500.00, so why would I pay 10x the amount in repairs rather than pay 250 as a deductible...strange but whatever.


The next fun fact USAA clearly does not know, Oregon is a no fault state and also a PIP state, this usually only makes a difference in personal injury claims, but Oregon takes it a step farther to make things easier on people.  The State of Oregon does NOT report fault on driving records, to insurance companies and even the police are NOT required to even attempt fault (unless for criminal charges).  Wait...what...Oregon does not record or report fault?????  But according to the USAA rep. my at fault accident was reported by Oregon??  How could this be?  Well in the quest for the truth (that means by me because USAA doesn't care about the truth or facts) I traveled to the DMV here to get to the bottom of this.  I barely got my sentence out before the lady said "nope, not true, Oregon doesn't track or report fault".  I said I know, but USAA claims you did, well she said let me see you DL and I will pull your record.  Guess what there is no accident on my record, period.  Why you ask, well turns out when I said I was never in an accident I was telling the truth.  USAA for whatever reason fed me a line of lies thinking that I (and by I, I mean all of us who have ever called) are too stupid to be able to get the facts and the truth, they assume we will just think that if USAA says so it must be true.


Bottom line is USAA lied to me, plain and simple.  However what makes it worse was this "accident" was being used to calculate my rates for over 2 years before I noticed it, meaning USAA had been over charging me and won't admit they made a mistake.  I never would have asked for money back, I just can't imagine why USAA thinks it is better to lie than admit they made a mistake.  


In the last  year USAA has seen my IRA's move away beacuse of exessive expense ratios on USAA funds, my brokerage move away because of exessive cost for trades, my mortgage refinanced away (read my mortgage reviews and posts to see that bundle of joy go down), last but not least on 2/28 when my CD matures I am closing it out and the balance will be moved elsewhere, maybe to an online banks high yield savings that is more than double the USAA CD rate I have, maybe to a CD elsewhere, either way it is going where it will earn more.


Yes there are a few things USAA has that add real convience and as such are the best product around...for now, remember when USAA couldn't be touched, now nearly every feature they offer is available at every bank.  Yes the subscribers payment each year is nice, but remeber that payment / benefit is only after they take profits.  USAA does not value members, they value the money they make off members, and yes there is a difference.  


RetiredSFC, That's unfortunate and I'm sure it probably happens to a lot of other members --and they don't realize it unless they carefully review the documention. My trust in USAA took a very big hit last year when they initiated a couple changes to my credit report and put the blame on Equifax. Sent paperwork to USAA's dispute office which was a total waste of time and effort. The notification from Equifax specifically mentioned USAA and the date of the change--but USAA gave me the "Shultz salute" and sent me on my way.



When I turned around and closed my credit card (after a 1hr lecture about the big mistake I was making), they reported it as an account being closed by the creditor instead of the consumer. Provided proof to Equifax so my credit file could be noted correctly since USAA failed to do the correct thing. That's when I decided to complete moving bank accounts, credit, investments/IRAs, etc. Investments are actually doing credit. I've been USAA for 30+yrs but have to say that my other financial institution (been with them 40+yrs) had a lot more incentives/benefits for their banking products.  The only thing I have left is auto/homeowner insurance. I'll see how things pan out in Apr-May when both policies come up for renewal. 

RetiredSFC- Thank you for sharing your additional feedback. Your concerns are important to us and have been escalated for further review. A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. -Vanessa