Ah yes, two stories in one day.  Priceless.  Keeping it at bullet points:

  • Daughter is interested in purchasing her first car so she and I looked up insurance rates on the USAA website.  After getting some information, she closed her browser.
  • We are now in our second week of USAA spam calls.
  • USAA calls my mobile number.
  • USAA calls my home number.
  • USAA calls my daughter's mobile number.
  • When USAA gets our voice mail, they call back a second time.
  • The numbers use to call sometimes have a caller ID that is "USA" and not "USAA" or "Spam Risk".
  • Today USAA called my home line and after the THIRD attempt to get past my voice mail I picked up and told the person TO STOP CALLING US!

I have realized now after these now years of poor customer service that USAA will not change.  Never.




@USNA'89, I am saddened to hear that you haven't had great service with USAA in the recent weeks and months.  As for USAA reaching out to you about your recent inquiries, I understand your reason for saying they are SPAM callers.  Our member's have the ability to update their Marketing Preference's online by logging into their USAA profile.  Have you had an opportunity to review them online to update/change? ~ Marco