USAA-Friendly Escrow Service for Private Auto Purchase

Wild Bill3
Occasional Contributor

I have a line of credit approved through USAA for a classic car I want to buy, but the seller is being very squirrely about accepting a bank check to complete the deal.  I think he expects me to show up with a bag of used $20's!  Anyway, it looks like using an escrow service is the way to complete the deal.  Has anyone used a car sales escrow service that jibes well with USAA's loan financing?


@Wild Bill3, I understand you have a concern regarding the purchase you wish to  make. Please exercise caution in this type of situation as the loan would still be your responsibility should there be an issue with the seller. Once the funds are wired or the escrow service has the funds there would be no way to recall the transaction. Thank you. - Rhonda