Has anyone had relatively recent experience, either good or not so good, with the referenced?


I've always purchased the extended warranty from the dealer but now that I'm financing the new car with USAA and have gotten some ballpark pricing from them I'm curious.


The term of coverage is less but the premium is far less than the dealer's manufacturer extended warranty.


I'm curious how complete the USAA coverage is when it comes time for a claim?




Markg2, This is a really good question and you are more than welcome to reach out to Assurant at 877-387-8722. Since they are the ones that process the claims for the extended vehicle protection they can best answer any specific questions that you have. You can also find more information here I hope this is helpful ~Michelle

Yes. Took my 2014 Nissan (55K miles) to the dealer, they worked on the transmission, they also told me it needed a compressor and front bushings. The tranny was covered under the original drive train warranty however everything else was under the extended warranty which also covered a rental. The dealer was impressed that they got approval to fix the issues. I still have till 2021 or 100k miles. For $950.00 definitely worth it.